What are the main benefits of the HiPPO Singapore Pass?

With the HiPPO Singapore Pass you will receive great savings and value whether travelling alone or as a group. Our variety of Passes will suit all your travel plans. Every Pass offers free admission to top attractions in Singapore.

The HiPPO Singapore Pass not only gives you free entry to over 50 of the best tourist attractions in Singapore, it allows you to skip ticketing queues. Pass holders also get to enjoy special privileges and offers at select attractions, retail outlets, and F&B establishments.

If you opt for the Singapore7 Hop-On Hop-Off touring system, you get to enjoy an extensive touring system that also doubles up as a free transportation system, connecting you between your city hotels and 95% of the attractions.

Does the pass include all of Singapore's attractions?

We have curated the best attractions in Singapore. Only the HiPPO Singapore Pass gives you access to all the top-tier attractions (95% of all Singapore Attractions) like Universal Studios, as well as local attractions like DUCKtours and the Singapore Zoo. Each pass is different and catered to a different type of traveller – pick the one best suited for you.

Where can I use the HiPPO Singapore Pass? Which attractions are included?

Each of our HiPPO Passes are carefully curated for different types of travellers. Because of this, each card has a different variety of attractions. Check out the complete list of attractions on each card on their respective pages.

Do I have to pre-book for any tours?

For the more popular tours, such as the Singapore DUCKtours, we recommend that you call ahead and book in advance due to limited availability.

Is an ID needed at the attractions?

At the point of collection of your Pass, you will need to present a photo-ID. At each attraction, your HiPPO Singapore Pass is all you need! Simply present you Pass at the attraction admission point, and you’re on your way in.

Are the attractions accessible all year round? What are their operating hours?

Most of the attractions included in the HiPPO Singapore Pass operate all year round except on major public holidays and the Chinese Lunar New Year period. The Attractions section in our Guidebook list opening hours and days for each attraction, operating hours and last redemption time.

How much does a HiPPO Singapore Pass cost?

We have a variety of passes suited for different needs. As such, each pass has a different cost. Check out each category of pass and see which suits your needs best.

What is your refund policy?

All cards sold are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

What are considered Child ages?

Children are aged between 3 and 12 years. Not all attractions allow toddlers (under age of 3) to enter for free. Please check with the Attraction before you visit.

Can I buy the HiPPO Singapore Pass for a group?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions when purchasing from our website. For more than groups of 10 and above, please contact us here [contact us]

What happens if I change the date of my trip to Singapore?

Your HiPPO Singapore Pass is valid for 1 months from the collection. If you change your arrival date, please inform us.[contact us]

What happens if an attraction is closed?

We try our best to ensure that all information in the HiPPO Pass Guidebook is accurate at time of print. If an attraction is closed or cannot be visited for any reason, do pick another attraction to visit. With a comprehensive list of Tours and Attractions to choose from, there’s definitely something for you to have fun with!

Does the Singapore Pass need to be signed?

Yes. All HiPPO Singapore Pass holders need to sign the back of the Card – both adults and children. For security purposes we recommend that you sign the Card as soon as you receive it. Please note that once signed, no refunds or exchanges can be made.