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We’ve combined the best attractions and the best sightseeing city tours.

What is a HiPPO Saver Package Pass?

We’ve grouped the best attractions with our great Sightseeing Tours. Choose the attraction package that best suits you and enjoy great savings!

How does the Saver Package Pass work?

Simply choose the package that strikes your fancy. Packages gives access to either 2 main attractions, or 1 main attraction and 1 or 2 Sightseeing Tours. Each package includes a free 1-way transfer to main attractions. 

For packages with Sightseeing Tours, you can choose to go on the Sightseeing Tours before or after you visit the main attraction. 

You have 5 days to visit the attractions and sightseeing tours.

How will I get my pass?

Collect your pass at the following locations:

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What else does the pass include?

You will get:
✔ 1 x Pass card per person
✔ 1 x HiPPO Singapore Pass Guidebook
✔ 1 x Singapore7 Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Bus schedule
✔ 1 x Tourist Info Map
✔ Tour Service Disruption Notice for the week (if any)

Let us know as soon as possible if anything is missing from your pack. When you are happy with everything and ready to start touring, sign and date your HiPPO Singapore Pass. Service change notices will be included, if any.

Will I still need to buy tickets?

No. Passes give access to the selected attraction, plus 1 or 2 picks of a Sightseeing Tour.

Do I need to choose my attractions in advance?

You only need to choose which attraction package you wish to purchase. The 1 or 2 Sightseeing Tours can be picked later on.

What is the age cut off for child cards?

Pass holders are considered children if they are between 3-12 years old.

Is my pass valid all day?

Your pass is activated upon tapping in at the main attraction, along with the start of its 5-day validity period. Validity periods are based on calendar days, not 24 hour periods. A Saver Package Pass activated at 1500 hrs on Monday will expire at 2359 hrs on Friday.

What is your refund policy?

All cards sold are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferable.

Can I purchase passes when I arrive in Singapore?

Yes you can! Simply proceed to any of our counters and purchase your pass there.

Does the Saver Package Pass expire?

A pass that has been collected but not activated (i.e. have not visited the main attraction) will expire in 1 month. Remember that your pass is activated upon tapping in at the main attraction.

How much will I save?

You can save up to 32% with our Saver Packages!

Can I visit the main attraction more than once?

No. Each pass is entitled to one entry to the main attraction.

Do I need to make reservations to visit the main attraction?

Some of the more popular attractions like Singapore DUCKtours require advanced reservations. Do check the HiPPO Pass Guidebook for more information.

Can I share my pass with a friend or sell it?

No. The Saver Package Pass is non-transferrable and may not be re-sold. We reserve the right suspend the Pass if that happens.

What if I still have some questions?

You can contact us using our online form if you have any other questions!