Terms & Conditions

The HiPPO Singapore Pass (“Pass”) is operated and managed by Singapore DUCKtours Pte Ltd (“DT”). By buying and/or utilizing the Pass, you (the “Holder”) are deemed to have accepted the trading terms and conditions of the Pass published herewith below:

  1. Whilst DT will have used all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the information contained herewith or any other publication, online or offline, is accurate at the time of print/publishing. DT shall not be liable for any loss, expense, damages or other inconvenience caused in whole or part by the reliance of such information. The Pass Holder and/or user of the information do so at his/her own risk.
  2. Opening day or times of attractions/museums/tours/restaurants (the “Attractions”) can fluctuate from time to time and Pass Holder is recommended to check with the Attraction concerned prior to visiting it to ascertain the operating hours. Contact details of all Attractions are available in the guidebook provided.
  3. Whilst DT endeavors to maintain the consistency of the Pass’s product line-up, participating Attractions may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice and/or compensation. DT will not be held responsible for any loss, damage, expense or inconvenience connected with the changes in the product line up. When possible, updated information of product line up and offering will be made available online at: www.hippopass.com
  4. Admission to Attractions is subject to the Pass being valid. All Attractions listed are contractually bounded with DT to offer admission to Pass Holder without further payment. This admission is subjected to normal admission criteria and standard tours.
  5. DT will use all reasonable endeavors to facilitate admission or other discount privileges in accordance with the terms of the Pass with all participating Attractions. However DT will not be responsible, or liable for any loss, damage, expense, or inconvenience, if any attractions, contrary to the terms of contract with DT, unlawfully and with no good cause, refuse admission in accordance what was contractually agreed on. Pass Holders do not have a right to claim from DT for any Attractions that decline them entry or are not available during their time of visit.
  6. DT have taken reasonable care to ensure that only reputable Attractions are included in the Pass. DT is not liable for any deficiencies of service, quality of food, products and services, safety standards at any particular facility. All and any complaints or claims for redress must be made directly to the attractions concerned.
  7. The Pass may only be used by the Pass’s signatory. The Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable (unless Money Back Guarantee was purchased). No refund or replacement can be offered for unused, lost or stolen cards.
  8. Each Pass is only valid for one visit per facility. Pass validity is based on calendar day (or subsequent calendar days). It is NOT based on 24 hours duration. A 2 day pass activated at 1500 hrs will expire at 2359 hrs the following day.
  9. The Pass Holder recognizes and accepts that he/she visits any Attractions voluntarily and entirely at their own risk. DT is not in any way responsible for the Attraction’s conditions or third party acts or commission at any Attractions. All and any complaints or claims for redress must be made directly to the Attractions concerned.
  10. Please note the validity of Pass at the time of purchase and it varies depending on the type of Passes. Upon activation (using it at first attraction) the Pass will expire within the prescribed period, which also varies depending on the type of Pass. There will be no refunds for any unused benefits or for any benefits that were not available at your time of visit.
  11. All cards sold are non refundable, non exchangeable and non transferable.
  12. To the extent permitted by law, DT disclaims all liability arising out of or consequent to your use of the Pass, the Guide Book and benefits. All responsibility for the conduct, quality, availability or other things in respect of the use of any benefit is solely borne by the relevant Attractions.
  13. DT limits our liability or warranties implied by statute or otherwise by resupplying the relevant services. If there is any litigation, it is agreed that it will only be under the jurisdiction of Singapore court.
  14. All intellectual property rights used or embodied in or in connection with the Pass or any related material is owned or licensed by DT.