Travel Partners

If you are a travel agent or an online travel agent and would like to sell The HiPPO Singapore Pass, get in touch with us to see if you qualify for a trade partnership. As trade partner, you will get to have access to preferential rates and also earn a competitive sales commission.

Reseller Partnerships

If you have a retail space in a location with sufficient tourist footfall and would like to look at selling the HiPPO Singapore Pass in Singapore, please get in touch to see if you qualify for a retail partnership. You will then have access to preferential rates and also earn a very competitive commission.

Attraction Partnerships

If you have an attraction and you want to be included in the HiPPO Singapore Pass, do contact us. By including your attraction into the HiPPO Singapore Pass, you will enjoy greater reach into the market and additional footfall at your attraction.

Shops and Restaurants

If you are a shop or restaurant owner and are interested in attracting tourist traffic into your shop – we can help.

Corporate Partnerships

If you are a corporation in the hospitality/tourism industry or a financial institution and would like to request for customized HiPPO Singapore Passes, we are able to provide customized programs with co branding passes to suit your loyalty or holiday programs.


For any of the above partnerships, drop us a note here.